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Thu Jan 29 11:41:19 CET 2009

Ability to store cache information into a specific namespace/class/family (whatever you want to call it)

(btw: the "_family" appended to the following commands may be confusing since you arn't storing a family, removing a family, etc.. any suggestions for better syntax? maybe detect the extra field? maybe _byfamily)

for example:
(translation: store to local cache,in the account_limits family, account 10000001 has 24 channels. remember this for 3600 seconds)

And the ability to purge (delete) an entire namespace/class/family:
(translation: DELETE ALL cached entrieds in the account_limits family

Logically, you'll probably also need the ability to delete a single object that's in a family:
Other examples of caching families are:
1. Destination Rates
2. Account Codes

Please include fifo support to store / delete(single object) / purge(all objects)


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