[OpenSIPS-Devel] New: Closeddial module

Sergio Gutierrez saguti at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 01:04:19 CET 2009

Hello to all developers and users.

I just have commited a new module to OpenSIPS which is called closeddial.

This module is intended to offer a functionality similar to Centrex to
OpenSIPS, allowing to define groups of closed dialing, using abbreviated

Closeddial uses a database table, where the relationship between users,
their abbreviated dialing codes and their grouping through a particular
attribute is stored.

An example which illustrates the idea behind module:

Supposing that the following is the content of closeddial table on database

User            closeddial_code          group_id           new_uri
135             00                              companyA
sip:123 at proxy1.com <sip%3A123 at proxy1.com>
357             01                              companyA
sip:357 at proxy1.com <sip%3A357 at proxy1.com>
579             02                              companyA
sip:579 at proxy1.com <sip%3A579 at proxy1.com>
024             00                              companyB
sip:024 at proxy1.com <sip%3A024 at proxy1.com>
246             01                              companyB
sip:246 at proxy1.com <sip%3A246 at proxy1.com>
468             02                              companyB
sip:468 at proxy1.com <sip%3A468 at proxy1.com>

Users defined within group companyA can use abbreviated codes to dial to
others users, instead of using full username; their abbreviated codes will
not collide with codes defined for group companyB, because group_id is
determined by using from username, before looking the uri to rewrite.

group_id value can be left to be determined by querying database, or can be
passed from script, in case it be determined from other mechanism (for
example, an avp loaded at register time).

I hope this module be useful in your deployments of opensips.

Feel free to send me any doubts or feedback about module, through users
lists, or directly to my mail.

Best regards.

Sergio Gutiérrez
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