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Category: modules
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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Oren K (oren_k)
Assigned to: Anca Vamanu (anca_vamanu)
Summary: Bug in presence when using fallback2db

Initial Comment:

While using the presence module, I run this scenario:

a. user1 SUBSCRIBE's to presence of user2
(subscription is now pending)

b. user2 allows user1 in pres-rules
(refreshWatchers is called, subscription is now active. user1 receives a NOTIFY from presence server with user2's current tuple and Subscription-State: active)

c. user2 PUBLISH'es a new presence tuple
-- at this point presence server should NOTIFY user1 of the new presence but it doesn't (that's the bug).

My modparams:

modparam("presence|presence_xml", "db_url", "mysql://root@localhost/opensips")

modparam("presence", "server_address", "sip:presence.example.com:10500")

modparam("presence", "fallback2db", 1)
modparam("presence", "clean_period", 30)

What I see in the debug trace is that get_subs_dialog (from notify.c) can't find any dialogs in the database, and all those in the subs hash are flagged NO_UPDATEDB_FLAG. This is probably what's causing the problem. 
Strangely, in the above scenario if user1 un-SUBSCRIBEs and re-SUBSCRIBEs to user2's presence - it does receive notifications.

Oren K.


>Comment By: Oren K (oren_k)
Date: 2009-02-06 19:23

Hi Anca,

I've attached a debug-log and wireshark pcap file to the post. The pcap
file also contains the XCAP PUTs to change the presence rules. The only
error in the log comes from presence_xml not being able to extract a tuple
node because our client uses <pdm:person> for the presence (Same bug
happened to us when we tried with <tuple> so that's not the issue). The
things that strike me odd in presence_bug.log are:

(after step b. user2 allows user1 in pres-rules)
line 634: DBG:presence:update_pw_dialogs: found 1 matching dialogs

the module finds the watcher dialog and updates it due to refreshWatchers.
user1 receives a NOTIFY with Subscription-State:active. Now step c. user2
PUBLISH'es a new presence tuple:

line 919: DBG:core:parse_msg:  method:  <PUBLISH>

everything looks okay BUT:

line 1087: DBG:presence:get_subs_db: The query for subscribtion for [uri]=
sip:user2 at openims.summit-tech.ca for [event]= presence returned no result
line 1110: DBG:presence:get_subs_dialog: s->db_flag== UPDATEDB_FLAG
line 1111: DBG:presence:get_subs_dialog: found 0 dialogs( 0 in database
and 0 in hash_table)
line 1112: DBG:presence:publ_notify: Could not find subs_dialog

..suddenly there are no subscribers?



Comment By: Anca Vamanu (anca_vamanu)
Date: 2009-02-06 13:14

Hi Oren,

I have just downloaded myself the release and tested and the scenario that
you described works. 
Do you notice any error in your log file?



Comment By: Oren K (oren_k)
Date: 2009-02-01 11:41

Sorry I forgot to login, that comment is from me :)


Comment By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Date: 2009-01-28 10:12

Thanks for the reply anca. Version is opensips-1.4.4-tls, compiled from the
sources with TLS="1". 


Comment By: Anca Vamanu (anca_vamanu)
Date: 2009-01-28 06:48

Hi Oren,

What OpenSIPS version are you using? Trunk or stable release?



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