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Sat Jul 19 19:41:37 CEST 2008

5.5. Acct-Session-Id
This attribute is a unique Accounting ID to make it easy to match start and stop records in a log file. The start and stop records for a given session MUST have the same Acct-Session-Id. An Accounting-Request packet MUST have an Acct-Session-Id. An Access-Request packet MAY have an Acct-Session-Id; if it does, then the NAS MUST use the same Acct-Session-Id in the Accounting- Request packets for that session.

The purpose of this patch is to create a relationship between an auth and acct request, based on SIP CALL-ID value (Acct-Session-Id attribute).


>Comment By: Dror Wald (dror_wald)
Date: 2008-09-01 09:59

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Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for applying the previous patches.
Following your question "shouldn't be the same change done for uri_radius
module?" (in patch 2051073), here is a patch that does the same for the
uri_radius module.

all the best,
File Added: urirad_mod.c.diff


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