[OpenSIPS-Business] OpenSIPS 3.3.0 goes stable

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Thu Jul 14 15:24:16 UTC 2022


    OpenSIPS 3.3.0

    goes from beta to stable

*It got stable!*

There was a month and a half of work, of testing, of reporting and of 
fixing, but we did it! The OpenSIPS 3.3 release passed all the tests and 
exams and now it is labelled as a stable release, the new flagship of 
the OpenSIPS project.

Download it now <https://www.opensips.org/Downloads/Downloads>

*3.3 Philosophy*

The OpenSIPS 3.3 is to address more, in depth, the topic of *Instant 
Messaging*, in the context of SIP. And this is done through two major 
perspectives: from the Unified Communication perspective, by aligning IM 
with the voice and presence capabilities in OpenSIPS, and from the IMS 
perspective, mainly as support/integration with RCS (Rich Communication 
Services). So key features

  * MSRP relay
  * MSRP User Agent
  * MSRP gateway (to SIP Message)
  * Contact Center (OmniChannel)
  * RCS Support
  * Diameter extensions
  * Status/Report support
  * SDP demux and more RTP Relaying

Read more on 3.3

Do you want to learn more on OpenSIPS 3.3?

Join us for the *OpenSIPS Summit 2022 in Athens* 
<https://www.opensips.org/events/Summit-2022Athens/>, for 4 days of 
conferencing, workshops, training and design clinics

Download and enjoy it as it's freshly baked for you!

Any questions? do not hesitate to contact us <mailto:team at opensips.org>!


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
   OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

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