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Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
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The 2017 edition of theOpenSIPS Summit 
<http://www.opensips.org/events/Summit-2017Amsterdam.html>comes with a 
great enhancement when looking at its content and its structure. The 
event expanded in order to address a larger variety of needs, from 
beginners to experts, from theoretical to practical, from group to 
one-to-one interactions.

So, what is all about and what has OpenSIPS Summit 2017 to offer ?

      The Conference – 2nd to 4th of May

        Presentations – 2nd and 3rd of May

Two full days  of presentations, advertising21 speakers 
different areas – industry, research, education and development. 
Speakers covering different topics about usage cases, about their 
experience or plans in VoIP area. I say VoIP as it is more 
about*OpenSIPS*, it is also 
*Janus*and many other interesting projects.

        Round Tables – 2nd and 3rd of May

After the presentations we host the*Round Tables discussion*– these are 
open discussions around given topics – usually new or interesting 
subjects . Each tables has its own topic and the discussion is moderated 
by a person with advance knowledge and experience on the topic. People 
should join to a Round Table either to share, either to learn the latest 
news and tricks on the discussed topic. Such discussion are a*real 
melting pots of the real-life experiences*.

        Interactive Demos – 4th of May

Interesting ideas must be backed up by practices – the Interactive Demos 
are 100% practical lessons, in from of the monitors, on how to 
installed, configure and run certain setups. Everything is A to Z 
explained and then shown in realtime, to the audience. Why is it 
interactive ? The participants will have the opportunity to see for real 
how things are done, they can ask questions and debate aspects related 
to the demo case.

        Design Clinics – 4th of May

Design Clinics are*one-2-one informal whiteboard discussions*that give 
you the opportunity to explain your situation, in detail, to an*OpenSIPS 
Expert*. It is your chance to talk regarding your project or application 
and receive their opinions and perspectives on the best strategy to your 
concerns and suggestions for solutions you may not have considered.

Do not forget o opt in for the Design Clinics session when you register 
for the Summit, as the number of seats is very limited !!!

      The OpenSIPS Training – 5th of May

A one day training focused on OpenSIPS front-ending for a FreeSWITCH 
cluster. Starting from a basic configuration, the training will walk you 
and teach you how to address certain aspects related to front-ending a 
Class5 FreeSWITCH cluster with OpenSIPS:

  * performing mid-registration on OpenSIPS
  * load-balancing calls to FreeSWITCH with real-time load feedback
  * perform fault detection and re-routing for the FreeSWITCH cluster
  * handling special cases as Call Transfer or Conferencing
  * routing outbound calls to carrier (with failover)
  * monitoring and tracing with Homer

Does it sound interesting ? Thenregister here 
<http://opensips.org/events/registration.php> – and do not forget – the 
first 50 participants are invite for a free boat event on the Amsterdam 
canals on the 2nd of May evening.

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
   OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

OpenSIPS Summit May 2017 Amsterdam

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