[OpenSIPS-Business] opensips evaluation - business proposal

Samuel Jeyaseelan Samuel.Jeyaseelan at wdc.com
Wed Mar 11 19:18:35 CET 2015

Hello there,

My name is Sam J. I am a principal software engineer at Western Digital Corporation, Mountain View - California.
We are in the process of choosing the SIP server for our project.

We have installed the following SIP servers.

*        Asterisk

*        FreeSwitch

*        PJSIP

*        OpenSIPS

*        Kamailio

After our evaluation, It appears OpenSIPs meets our requirements.

We need some custom changes at the source code level. I have contacted Bogdan via LinkedIn. He gave us dates 03/09/2014 and 03/12/2014 -  and we chose 03/12/2014. But it is my understanding that he is busy with travel, because I have not received a reply from him.

Can someone from OpenSIPs have a conference call with us ?
If so, could u please give us your dates/timing availability?

We are located in California - PST time zone.

Senior Principal Software Engineer
Ph: 650-461-1205

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