[OpenSIPS-Business] Anybody is interested to develop this scenario using OpenSIPS?

Chandramouli P mouli123 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 14:15:51 CEST 2015

Hello All,

If anybody is interested to develop this below written scenario using
OpenSIPs, please let me know.

Global SIP Users ---> OpenSIPS ---> Asterisk media server1 -----------

|                                                  |---------- VoIP
provider for PSTN calls

|                                                  |
                                                ---> Asterisk media server2

OpenSIPS public IP address (eth0):
OpenSIPS private IP address (eth1):
Asterisk media server1 private IP address (eth1):
Asterisk media server2 private IP address (eth1):
MySQL DB server private IP address (eth1):
VoIP provider public ip address: 123.456.789.111

1) All servers are hosted in Digital ocean and in private network
2) All SIP users, voice mail users, dial rules will be stores in MySQL
3) I must give OpenSIPS proxy server public ip address in to my VoIP
provider. My provider will allow incoming/out going traffic through this IP
address only. But, call should go through our media servers only. Because,
dial rules will be stored in MySQL database.
4) SIP users will connects to openSIPs proxy server from globally
5) I will provide you the whole environment with the installed OpenSIPs
(Ubuntu), installed Asterisk (CentOS) servers, and installed MySQL database
6) I will configure Asterisk in real time and data base.

*Task:* You need to provide me OpenSIPs working configuration file to
fulfill the below needs for the above environment:
1) Nat traversal
2) SIP registrations through proxy (As I said, we store all sip users
details in MySQL database table)
3) Load balancing (We will give two media servers) with fail over
4) PSTN inbound/outbound calling through media servers by using MySQL data
base tables (Because, we store users dial rules in db table). But, we give
our Proxy server ip address to our VoIP provider for authentication purpose.

Please do not reply me, if you are a learner. Only experienced professional
with OpenSIPS are welcome.

Thank you.
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