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Imran Tahir imran at callxcom.com
Tue Mar 2 00:04:00 CET 2010

We currently have 12 Asterisk Servers, which can each send up to 5CPS, totaling 60CPS.  These asterisk servers are used for an auto-dialer application.  Since no 1 single carrier can accept or is willing to accepts 60CPS, we have employed an OpenSIPS system to send calls to carrier 1, and then upon failover to carrier 2, and so forth.

We would like to have a reliable reporting system, which can tell us how many calls, asr, acd, how many 503 rejects, etc... each carrier has given us during a certain time period.  We would like to have a routing system also, so we can provision new carriers, change routing priorities.

We would like either an out-of-the box solution, or a solution developed for us.  Please respond if this is something you can do.


Imran Tahir
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