[OpenSIPS-Business] OpenSIPs Support Contract Opportunity

Phil Coolick pjc8 at psu.edu
Fri Aug 27 19:40:33 CEST 2010


I work at large Mid-Atlantic University in the US and am interested in 
obtaining a service for providing support. What this entails is along 
the lines of what we have for Red Hat or comparable application or OS 
vendors. Clearly, we are internally responsible for the development and 
testing of our own designs. We specify hardware and use our Spirent to 
punish our OpenSIPs designs prior to release for our internal Operations 
group to install.

We plan to operate a fully meshed geographically distributed SIP core 
comprised of Dell PowerEdge 2790 servers running OpenSIPs front ended by 
two Model 50 Ingare SBCs (Ingate provides support for the SBCs, just 
FYI). Initially the SIP core will route sessions from a small Digium 
PBX, then eventually handle all routing from a Cisco UCM with 16,000 
endpoints. Full University call routing is in the long term forecast. 
About 40,000 endpoints system-wide.

I am requesting information for:

1) 24x7 live support using 1-800 number contact

2) Web page submission of support contacts

3) Service Level Agreement to include response times for above

4) Pricing for the support methods

5) Other support options (we understand the community perspective and 
will participate, but require guaranteed support in order to launch the 

Thank You,


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