[OpenSIPS-Business] OpenSIPS devel course 2010

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Thu Dec 17 16:48:51 CET 2009

The 2010 edition of the *OpenSIPS Programming Course* will be held in 
Bucharest, Romania, between 1st and 4th of March 2010.

This event is organized, sponsored and hosted by *Voice System*, as part 
of a more larger program run by our company for supporting the OpenSIPS 

The primary goal is to attract more developers to OpenSIPS and build a 
higher development squad.

The participation fees for attending to this course is 400 Euro; you 
also need to register with us via office at voice-system.ro 
<mailto:office at voice-system.ro>
The course will contain mostly a /practical work/ where the students 
will have the chance to /consolidate the knowledge/ they have 
accumulated during the theoretical presentations. The course will have a 
20% - 80% distribution between theory and practice.

The course is dedicated to people willing to learn how to develop 
OpenSIPS extensions. The course will follow the idea of writing a new 
openser module from scratch, with all the dependencies it has from the 
core: dynamic memory usage, MI interface, registering timers, locking, 
exporting pseudo-variables, etc

Teachers from the OpenSIPS development team will be:

    * /Bogdan-Andrei Iancu/
    * /Anca Vamanu/

The class is limited as size up to 17 - 20 people. The seats will be 
granted on the "first in, first served" policy. For registration, you 
need to mail to office at voice-system.ro <mailto:office at voice-system.ro>. 
You will receive a confirmation response to guarantee your registration.

For any question, please send us an email at office at voice-system.ro 
<mailto:office at voice-system.ro>.

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

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